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Quality Academy

What is the Academy?

Chickasha Quality Academy (CQA)  is an alternative school linked to Chickasha High School. We provide an alternative setting for students who are not a discipline issue; but instead:

  • behind on credits for graduation

  • have chronic absences in the past

  • have/had Family issues

  • have/had Financial issues

  • are a Parenting teen or

  • are a recovered Dropout


Can the student still participate in extracurricular activities and Canadian Valley Technology Center?

Yes, all extracurricular activities (band, athletics, and clubs) are available for each student. Canandian Valley Technology Center is encouraged for each student. 


What can you tell me about the Academy?

  • CQA has a 15 to 1 ratio. We are only allowed to have 15 students for each teacher; therefore, students are able to get the individual help needed. 

  • Students have a minimum requirement each week, but may work ahead to earn credits faster than a traditional high school. 

  • Students are allowed to work on one course at a time unless he/she is an athlete that needs to stay eligible. All athletes must complete and pass one test per required subject per week to stay OSSAA eligible. 

  • CQA is located at a different site than Chickasha High School and has its own Principal/Director to run the school.  

  • CQA meets from 8:15 a.m. until 11:15 a.m. then from 12 p.m.- 2p.m. Monday through Friday. 

  • All students must participate in counseling and “hands-on” art to meet Oklahoma State Department guidelines.

  • All graduates are allowed to participate in prom, high school graduation week and Chickasha HIgh School commencement. When you graduate through the Academy, you are a Chickasha High School graduate. 


How do I get into the Academy?

There is an application that must be completed for an “intake” interview to be conducted. 

Once an application has been received by CQA, the Director will call and schedule an “intake” meeting with the parent/guardian and the student. After all the necessary paperwork has been signed at the meeting, the information is presented to a committee to decide if the student will be accepted to the program. After the committee has met, the student or parent will be notified by phone call.